Everyone needs insurance on their property. Many people find it confusing as to what and how they should insure their property and their belongings.

Homeowners Insurance This refers to the policy that covers your home and with special limitations, your personal belongings. Speak to your insurance agent to be sure you understand what is covered and what is not covered. This does not cover damage due to water intrusion.

Renters Insurance This insurance covers personal property for people who do not own the structure in which their personal property is stored i.e. rental property, apartment, etc. This does not cover damage due to water intrusion.

Flood Insurance Everyone should have flood insurance, regardless of whether or not you are living in a flood plain. Many people believe a myth that you can't get flood insurance unless you are in a flood plain - that is not true. Its usually very inexpensive and in-light of the recent heavy rainstorms that have flooded areas that have never flooded, its critical to protecting your personal property.